What is NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

So guys we are here again to give you direction. Today’s direction is about “What is NFT“. The most trending word in the past few days/month is NFT. And we think there are so many questions and doubts coming into your mind regarding NFT. You want to know about it and invest in it but you don’t know as much about it.

So to answer the question What is NFT. That’s why today we are writing this blog, we will try to answer all your doubts and questions in this blog.

So without wasting any time let’s start talking about it.

What is NFTs

NFT stand for Non-Fungible token. Yes, I know that you all want to know but in a simple way.

Non-Fungible Token (NFT): If I simply explain it, so I can give it another name “non-replaceable token“. So most of you must have understood about 50% of NFT with this name that these tokens are not replaceable they have uniqueness.

Fungible – Simply said, there are things that are not unique, there is a lot of copying the world like that which can be replaced by its other copy.

Non-fungible – This is something that would have been very unique, which has a limited edition, which has no other copy in the world, and which can not be replaced by others. It may be a painting, photo, video, GIF, etc.

NFTs Platform

So now the question comes where should we list NFT and what else is needed along with it. We will tell you only one platform where you can list your NFTs because we don’t want to confuse you by telling you so many names and that one platform is the best platform to list NFTs. “OpenSea” is the platform where you can buy or sell NFT.

And one more thing you need is a crypto wallet, you have to connect your crypto waller to opensea to list your NFT and to buy or sell also. We are recommending you one crypto wallet because same as above we don’t want to confuse you. So the crypto wallet is “MetaMask” you should create your account/wallet on it and then connect that wallet to opensea and then you can list your NFT and you can make a purchase and sale of NFT as well.

Final Words/Important Advice:

We would recommend you create your own NFT and not purchase someone else’s and then sells it. Because there is a lot of profit in creating your own NFT. When you create your NFT and then sell it and then if that NFT is sold again, you will get a 10% royalty out of it. And as long as that NFT continues to sell, you will get continues to get 10% royalty out of it.

So the question is “Where can I create my NFT”. We recommend you a website/app where you can create your own NFT. The app is Canva, here you can create NFT very easily, and if you want to create NFT like a pro, so buy their pro membership. You can visit Canva by out given link below.

Checkout Here – Get Canva app

You guys should watch some youtube videos to see how to create an OpenSea account, how to list an NFT on it, how to create a MetaMask account and how to connect it to OpenSea.

And stay tuned with us. We give our 100% to update all of you, with the latest news and information. Which helps you to maximize your passive income. And besides this, we have more stuff on our website. Always follow our website and stay updated.

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