What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work? | Types of Email Marketers

So, guys, We are here again to give you direction about “What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work?“. It is clear from the name itself that “marketing by email or promotion by e-mail“.

Today, We will try to clear all your doubt about e-mail marketing and how it works and we will answer all the important and most asked questions about e-mail marketing.

Let’s discuss e-mail marketing in detail.

What is Email Marketing

Let’s make things simple email marketing is simply sending emails to a bunch of people. So sending bulk emails to specific people and your goal is to get traffic to your website or your blog or increase your sales to promote anything that’s super easy.

What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work

Types of Email Marketers

When it comes to sending emails and email marketing, we have mainly two types of email marketers. You have to know which one you are.

  • Those people who send bulk emails over the internet promoting affiliate links, CPA, Links, and so on. Those are bulk mailers and are considered “Spammers“.

Types of Email Marketers

  • It’s called Email Marketing or called Email Marketers, here we send emails to people who are not our subscribers but we are not spamming them. So it’s somehow different from the first type, we are not promoting affiliate links and so on directly.

What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work

How Email Marketing Works

Step 1: Build your Email List

Step 2: Send Emails

Step 3: Analyze and Optimize

What is Lead Magnet

It is something you give to someone and in exchange, you will get his email address. Like marketers provide online users their content in exchange for their email addresses.

Lead magnets are must-have assets in digital marketing because it helps in building email lists, increasing sales, etc. You should use Lead Magnet to increase your profit.


Simply analyzing the results is checking the open rates, click rates, the Conversion rates later how much if you are buying, if you are selling something and then you will tweak your copies, tweak your subject lines, do something for your emails to get better open rates, maybe you can analyze email list and see that your lot of them.

As an example here I have none active user, I have 500 non-active users I have to delete them so always Keep your email list fresh and active to get high click rates as I have.

Also, a very good practice is to validate your emails to always check if your emails are active or simply valid or not.

Interesting Fact

Did you know? that for every single dollar you invest in email marketing you get back in return at least $38 to $40. We know that’s crazy, but it’s true.

You can go and google and search for “Email Marketing ROI” and see it by yourself.

Final Words:

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