Importance of Digital Marketing in India | Types Of Digital Marketing

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  1. What is Digital Marketing?
  2. Types of Digital Marketing
  3. Why is Digital Marketing Important?
  4. Customer Lifecycle in Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is “marketing done directly”. Let’s take a digital marketing definition to make it more clear.

Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing is the act of promoting products or services with the help of digital devices or technology“.

importance of digital marketing in india

When we talk about digital devices it may be a laptop or mobile device and when we talk about technology it may be an app, a cloud-based platform, or software. So what is digital marketing? you are really just using technology to promote your product or service.

In digital marketing, marketers can promote their companies on search engines social media platforms email mobile apps, etc.

Types of Digital Marketing

When we want to go and promote our product or service using a campaign then we have different options, so there are different types of digital marketing channels that we could choose from. So let’s discuss the types of digital marketing.

  1. SEO
  2. SEM
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Mobile App

SEO – We consider SEO the king of all of them. “SEO” – stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of relevant organic traffic to your website from search engines.

SEM – “SEM” – stands for Search Engine Marketing. It is also known as pay-per-click or cost per click or PPC or CPC or sponsored search or google ads. Search engine marketing is the practice of marketing a business using paid advertisements on search engines and their website.

Email Marketing – E-mail Marketing is a “traditional” type of digital marketing. E-mail marketing is an effective way to capture high-quality leads and convert them to customers by sending personalized emails to the targeted audience. If you want to know more about email marketing so you can read our full blog on email marketing here.

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Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is an effective way for digital marketers. Affiliate Marketing is an effective way of digital marketing that involves a merchant paying commissions to one or more affiliates (third party site or entity). For advertising the merchant’s product with referrals.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing involves creating different types of content for various social media platforms in order to promote products and services. Social media platforms could be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Content Marketing – Content marketing is an effective marketing technique for creating and distributing valuable online content (like videos, blogs, etc.) to the targeted audience.

Mobile App – It is a digital marketing strategy that enables a company to reach the target audience in a relevant manner throw any mobile devices (such as tablets smartphones etc.) via messages, emails, and app install ads.

Importance of Digital Marketing in India

Marketing is essential whether it is digital marketing or traditional marketing but if we talk about which marketing strategy is better digital or traditional.

To make it simple, let’s talk about the difference between them in a table form.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

  •          Reach is limited
  •        Reach is maximum
  •         Non – Versatile
  •        Versatile
  •       Delayed Communication
  •          Instant Communication
  •       Lack of real-time result
  •       Instant real-time result
  •       Expensive
  •      Cost-effective
  •       Difficult to reach the target audience
  •        Easy to reach the target audience
  •         Poor campaign
  •        Easy to measure and optimize campaign

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